September 29, 2016

Fall is everywhere!!!

Last year by this time, fire season was slowing down and most resources were home.  I don't like to say anything like that just yet, because So Cal has seen some of it's worst large fires in mid to late October.  But we've been having cooler weather, most fires have been picked up and it's nice having hubby home in the evenings to eat dinner with us, help put the kids to bed and catch up on DVR shows!!!

I know that from the East Coast to the Southwest, fire season has ended.  Thankful for those crews who had a good and busy season, who are now able to enjoy some quiet time with families.

On the West Coast there's about a month and a half of the season left.  Again, thankful that it's been a safe and busy season for those crews, too.

What was your season like?  Busy or slow?


Anonymous said...

I am dating a hotshot firefighter, and this year's season has been nuts! We are located in California, and they have already broken 100 days committed. This is not something that I am used to, and it has definitely been hard! We still have at least another month left of our season here. I never knew how much trust it requires in a relationship with this much distance!

Meg said...

I just started dating a hot shot recently and this is the first time I'm experiencing the distance so it's been rough the past few days. He was sent out to Nevada and then Thursday night they were moved to Colorado and I haven't heard from him since they were on the road to that fire. This definitely sucks right now.