November 4, 2016

Little toys that travel with Daddy....

When our son was little, he asked his Daddy to take a little firefighter toy with him to his fire. Our son couldn't say firefighter, so he named it "Fifi".  Well along came the arrival of little sister so we had to find a girl firefighter to go with Daddy, too.  We asked the kids what her name was, and they both agreed on "Wifi".  So Fifi & Wifi have gone on many fire assignments with Daddy.  He'll send us a random text with a picture of our two favorite friends.  They've gone to Northern California, Tennessee, Arizona, Grand Canyon and other fun adventures.  
This is only a few of many pictures I have.  I plan on making a photo book with all their adventures, to give the kids, when Hubby retires.  Just a special way to remember that no matter where Daddy went, he never forgot them!!

Watch out, it's the VLAT!!

It's been days since they've had a shower!

"Did you copy the radio traffic?"

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