November 1, 2016

Spooky Halloween

As we got home from our evening Halloween festivities, we were so excited to Face-time with hubby.  It was a cold, cloudy fall evening.  About 5 minutes into the call, everything in the house turned off and it was dark!!  So as I lost WiFi connection, I called hubby on the land-line phone and he was able to see on his phone app, that there was an "unplanned outage" in our area.  (Mind you, he's not home, he's ON A FIRE ASSIGNMENT!!)

He said that the outage was going to be for another 2.5 I guess it's time to get creative with the kids as they are freaked out.  We found all our battery-operated candles, flashlights and big LED lantern to help light up the house.

I told the kids we were all going to put on our PJs and get our blankets to snuggle on the couch.  We could read books out loud with a camping!!  So as I'm sitting there on the couch waiting for my kids, I look over on the wall and see (what appears to me) a BIG spider.  So since Daddy is gone, my son helps step up to take care of Dad's stuff around the house.  I yell, "Hey get over here, I think I see a BIG spider."  So he grabs a flashlights and totally freaked out but trying to be brave walked over to the wall.  Yep, it was a BIG black widow spider.......eeeeekkkkkk!!  So I prayed that as I swatted it with the fly swatter, I didn't miss and have it fall on the floor.  Ugh.....I don't do well with creepy crawlies things.

I realised that my phone batter was at 50% so I told my son I was going to go put it in the car on the charger.  Funny how even though it's normally dark at night (LOL) when the power is out, it's REALLY DARK and eerily quiet.

We sat on the couch and took turns reading kid books and snuggling.  When their bedtime rolled around, I went out to get my phone so we could use a sleepy story app to help calm their nerves and get them to sleep.  They were in brushing their teeth with a battery-operated candle for light!!  They must have been tired because they both went to sleep pretty quickly.  As I walked myself back to the couch to read by flashlight, the phone rang.  I answered it and heard our power company message "we have an update on the outage in your area.  It is affecting 280 homes in this area and that area.  The cause has been determined as something unidentified hitting a power line.  The estimated time for power to be restored is 11:00."  So I decided I would just go to bed since it'd be a while before I could have lights or TV.

As I crawled into bed I thought to myself.  Wow what a creepy Halloween night.  Lights out, spider on the wall, Hubby is gone and it's cold outside!!  In the back of my head the only thing that'd make it scarier would be an earthquake, too!!!

I woke up at 11:35 not because I left a few lights on, but because the TV (which was on at 6:30) was loud because the house was dark and quiet and everyone was asleep.

Needless to say, our power is back on!!  We've only had 3 "unplanned" power outages in our area since we've moved here.  AND of course they always happen........when Hubby is gone!!!  What a spooky Halloween to write down in the books.  Happy November 1st...........  

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