May 30, 2017

Family's a tradition

A lot of crews / departments have family days.  My husband's Hotshot Crew has one every year on the first day of availability for national dispatch.  Anyways, throughout the years, the number of children have increased.  The first family day was 12 years ago, and unless they've been on a fire, we've had one every year.  Always lots of food to eat!!!  The oldest child is 12 (she was the first Hotshot kid) and the youngest is a few months old.  So we got this great idea to put all the kids together for a picture, and this was the idea.  (Not all kids are posted as some had gone home already)
It's a lot of fun getting to meet the crew and for us as family to show our support for our firefighter!!!

{I have blurred out the crew name, as I like to keep things somewhat unknown for safety reasons)

Post any pictures you have (in the comment section)  of similar things, it's fun to see!!

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