June 19, 2017

"We are leaving for a fire...."

Yesterday my husband's crew had to work an overtime day (normal day off).  They were on at 0730 and "off" at 2000.  So I decided to make some enchiladas for his crew for dinner.  Mind you, it's a Hotshot Crew and there's 20 plus hubby (Superintendent).  So I make 40 enchiladas, and plop them in the oven.  I called my husband to tell him "there's 5 minutes left to cook and I'll bring them down to the station."  About 5 minutes after that phone call he calls, "Well never mind that, we're leaving for a fire assignment."  So we headed over to the station (live next door) to say "good-bye to Daddy" and give hugs & kisses.  I joked with the firefighters and said "you can thank me for getting you an order."  I told them another time I'd make them dinner.
If you've been married in this profession long enough, you know that (during fire season) if you make a nice dinner or go shopping, they'll get a fire dispatch!!!  Can't be mad, just have to be understanding.
So I shared the enchiladas with the neighbors and froze one dish.  So the food wasn't wasted.

Got to learn to be flexible!!!

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